{E+E Winter in Europe}

Our second part of our travels this last winter was spent traveling around Europe. We feel so privileged to have come to Europe on two separate occasions this year (see our Barcelona, Spain adventure here ) Anyways, this time around we got the chance to visit 3 different countries! These included Denmark, France and Italy. France and Italy are givens when you go to Europe of course, but why Denmark you ask? Well, when shopping around for international flights we are always looking for flights that have long layovers in other destinations, that way you get to see one more place for free! When we saw this flight to Paris had a 9 hour layover in Copenhagen, we jumped right on it! Even though it was pouring rain when we landed in Copenhagen, that didn’t stop us from stashing our bags in a locker at the airport and going into the city to explore and get a glimpse of Denmark. Our first stop in Copenhagen was Nyhavn canal to see all of the colorful buildings and boats.  Being December, we also explored so many of the charming little Christmas markets all around and it was really neat to see the way another culture celebrates the wonderful season. They had some incredible holiday foods too! Food is a huge part of why we like to travel. Even though we were there for a very short time, we fell in love with the city and now that only gives us a reason to go back! 🙂

Copenhagen, Denmark




Trampolines in the street, probably our favorite find in Copenhagen 🙂


Our second stop on our journey was Paris, France. All my life I’ve dreamed about visiting Paris and being there was very surreal at first. We stayed in a perfect little flat about a 5 minute walk to the Eiffel Tower so of course the morning that we arrived it was our first stop, and we continued to visit it every day that we were there. From ice skating on type of the Eiffel tower to trying all of the different cheeses France has to offer, we very much enjoyed our time in Paris!

Paris, France





After a few days in Paris it was time to head off to Italy! Rome was our first stop and it was absolutely incredible. One thing that we weren’t expecting was to see so much of the ancient city of Rome left over everywhere. All of the old ruins were really incredible to see and explore. In Rome we explored the Colosseum, made wishes in the Trevi fountain, visited Vatican City and even got to see the Pope!

Rome, Italy




While we were staying in Rome we took a day trip over to Pompeii, the ancient city that was destroyed when the volcano Mt Vesuvius erupted. Pompeii is located near the city of Naples, which is about a 2 hour train ride from Rome.

Pompeii, Italy


Oh Florence! What amazing time we had here on our 3rd destination in Italy. Aside from seeing the famous statue of David, Florence was by far a food tour for us. There was amazing gelato, an indoor market full of every Italian dish imaginable and  so many amazing local pizza places.

Florence, Italy


Can you go to Italy without seeing the leaning tower of Pisa? No, no you can’t. Heading out to Pisa was also a daytrip from Florence. Seeing the tower up close was so crazy. We couldn’t believe that it was still standing, it was so tilted!

Pisa, Italy


Venice was by far the most colorful and most charming city that we visited. Since it was December, the city was practically deserted and we felt like we had the whole place to ourselves! It was so relaxing just walking through all of the tiny streets and canals in awe at how amazing this city really is.

Venice, Italy


Milan was our very last stop before we headed home. One thing both of us really wanted to see here was a little cafe called Bar Luca. The cafe is located inside the Prada museum in Milan and was designed by Wes Anderson (who we are pretty  big fans of!) Of course we couldn’t leave Milan without seeing the famous cathedral. We walked all the way up to the top and enjoyed some spectacular sunset views of the city. Not a bad way to end our last night in Italy 🙂

Milan, Italy







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